Mobile Locksmith Services Serving Cincinnati

Need a replacement car key?

Our Cincinnati automotive car-locksmith technicians carry advanced diagnostic tools and state of the art equipment and programmers at all times.
High security laser cut keys can be cut and programmed on the spot.
It takes a special kind of commitment, and investment in equipment in order to service automotive keys in a mobile environment.
No other auto-car locksmith will replace your key? Dealership only? Rare automotive key or FOB?
Yes, we can do it.
Not only do we have your key in stock, and in many cases, we come to you and cut and program it on the spot.

If you do your research, you will see we are the best reviewed locksmithing company in Cincinnati; Our customers and clients LOVE US!
Our locksmiths operate out of Sharonville, Ohio.

We service Greater Cincinnati.
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Automotive Computer Modules Programming

Auto and Motorcycle computer modules Flashing and Programing, now available from Automotive Key Cincinnati.
There are a many models of cars, motorcycles, and trucks  that cannot be programmed by a standard key programmer, so you need a locksmith that specializes in advanced programming techniques, not an amateur who will potentially cause you headaches down the road.
We use non-destructive techniques to safely reprogram your vehicles electronic systems.  Unlike standard transponder systems that are able to be programmed on-board or through the OBD2 diagnostic port on a vehicle, there are
some models that must go through ECU flashing or cluster programing. We can help.
If all of the keys are lost, you have 2 options.
You can tow the vehicle to the dealership and either have the module replaced or reflashed.
Towing to the dealership is an added expense as well as paying the normal inflated dealer price.

Automotive Key can come to you and do the same thing.Smiley face


Transponder Keys and Fobs Made

A transponder chip disarms a vehicle immobiliser when the car key is used to start the engine.
Losing your transponder car key and finding an automotive locksmith to make a replacement key these days is not an economical task.
Although coded car keys are meant to increase auto security and make your vehicle theft-proof, better auto security and technology has its cost.
We understand how transponders work.
We can diagnose most transponder problems in minutes, and we stock replacement circuitry and transponder chips.
Our professional technicians have ongoing training in the latest technology, so you are never left with no way to get into your vehicle.

At Automotive Key in Cincinnati, we reprogram the transponder in your key on-site.
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Ignition Switch Repair

Ignition Switch Repair

Although most ignition switches and keys are fairly reliable (in modern cars even more so than in older models) they do sometimes fail. Our highly skilled Cincinnati locksmith technicians can solve your problem.
In such cases an ignition key repair service is called for.
Almost all locksmith companies claim to be able to perform ignition key repairs, it is essential to choose carefully so that the job is done properly & recurring trouble avoided.
There are several things which may cause ignition switch mechanisms to malfunction. There is the simple wear of metal due to friction, there are temperature differences which may prove disastrous, there may be electronic related problems (especially in vehicles where immobilizing circuits interact with the mechanical turning of the ignition key) and more. Automotive Key Cincinnati has years of experience repairing vehicle ignition problems, & we have a safe, professional solution for every instance.

Automotive Key can take care of your ignition switch problems professionally and efficiently.
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Keys Cut by Vin# or Code

Our locksmith technicians carry advanced tools to determine sequence of cuts made on the working edge of a key which are represented by a series of numbers (or numbers and letters).
This is called the key code.
High security laser cut keys can be cut and programmed on the spot by our qualified Cincinnati technicians, who are specialized key cutters, armed with the appropriate software and machinery.
The key is not a “copy”, it is an “original” which will operate the lock as if it were one of the keys originally provided with the lock.
Our automotive technicians are provided continuing education to stay current with today’s changing locksmith industry.

We guarantee our parts and labor because we distribute keys from the most reputable suppliers nationwide.
You can be confident you are getting the best product available.

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