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August 10, 2016
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1997 Aston Martin Key- Automotive Key Cincinnati

At Automotive Key, we sometimes brag how we can literally make or program a key for anything. Here's a great example

Aston Martin is a high end car manufacturer based in the UK.

The luxury vehicles are extremely rare, and they bare great deal of cultural significance as well.
In fact, you may recognize the vehicle from 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Up until recently we had never worked on one, but it’s safe to say we were excited when the call came in! We were eager to get to work.
First some backstory: The owner had misplaced the keys to the Aston Martin, and was looking to acquire a new one before he sold the vehicle. Without a key the asking price drops significantly, so the owner thought he’d contact the initial dealer. They sent a new key to the owner by mail at the cost of several hundreds of dollars. The key, however, didn't work.

Despite being an older vehicle, the 1997 Aston Martin requires a key with a programmed Transponder chip. A blank key may be able to open and lock the car, but it will not start the vehicle unless the key has been programmed by a trained auto technician. Programming a key for an Aston Martin is an incredibly difficult process, as keys have specific ID numbers that correspond to only one vehicle. It only makes sense that a high end vehicle such as this would also have a high security clearance.

So then the owner began to research local Cincinnati auto Locksmiths. Initially, he contacted another local locksmith, but after several hrs they were unsuccessful in programing a key for the Aston Martin. At this point programming a key seemed next to impossible.

Just when the situation seemed hopeless, a friend referred the owner to the trained auto techs at Automotive Key. They contacted us and we quickly sent over our mobile team to the owners location. Using state of art equipment, our expert technicians were we we’re able to program a Smart Key for the owner’s 1997 Aston Martin in no time at all.

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