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February 10, 2017
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April 10, 2017
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2007 Range Rover Sport – New Key from Scratch

Our auto locksmiths a little while back had the opportunity to work with a 2007 Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover is a British manufactured, high end full sized SUV, and a shoot off luxury brand Land Rover.

More high end makes such as Range Rover require a more high end level of skill when it comes to key programming.

That’s why when the owner of the vehicle lost their keys, they contacted us, the experts to help them out. The customer—one of our commercial clients—didn’t have a single key for the 07 Range Rover Sport. Duplicating and programming a spare key is an easy enough job, but programming and restoring a new Range Rover smart key from scratch is a task reserved for the most advanced auto locksmiths. The customer contacted us by phone and provided all the necessary information ( year, make and model, location), and we quickly dispatched our Mobile Unit to the vehicle’s location. Our auto locksmiths were able to program two brand new smart keys on site. The customer was highly appreciative and they were eager to get their Range Rover Sport back on the road again. As always we were just happy to help, as well as extremely honored to work with such a capable SUV.

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