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We offer automotive key diagnostic programming for anything with wheels.

Our auto locksmith technicians carry advanced diagnostic tools and state of the art programming equipment at all times. High security laser cut keys can be cut and programmed on the spot.

Unlike standard transponder systems that are able to be programmed on-board or through the OBD II port on a vehicle some models must go through ECU flashing commonly called “reflashing”. If all of the keys are lost, you have 2 options. You can either tow the vehicle to the dealership and have the ECU replaced.Towing to the dealership is an added expense as well as paying the normal inflated dealer price. Option 2: We come to you, get it done fast, professionally, and get you back on the road again.

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There are a few models of Toyota, Lexus and Honda and other cars that can’t be programmed by a standard key programmer. Automotive Key can come to you, save you time, and get you flashed and on the road again fast. To do this, the ECU must be removed from the vehicle. It’s typically located behind the glove box, behind the instrument cluster or under the hood. Once removed the ECU must be taken apart and a specific chip must be isolated, cleaned, prepped and then a special computes attached to it. This computer puts the original factory data onto the EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) which then puts the vehicle into a learning mode so that new keys and be programmed and the immobilizer will recognize them. The ECU is then re-installed and the new keys are cycled into the vehicle. ECU flashing is a more specialized service and many locksmiths including dedicated automotive locksmiths don’t carry the equipment or have the knowledge to flash an ECU, so go with the professionals.

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