Automotive Key Blue Ash

Luxury vehicles require the skilled service and your Lexus, the premium division of Toyota and best\t-selling Japanese premium auto manufacturer, is no different. When you need replacement keys cut, fobs programmed, or the ECU repaired for your Lexus car or sport utility vehicle, you need an auto locksmith with the knowledge, expertise and tools to service your vehicle to the standards that premium performance and security requires. We service all Lexus models, any year, to dealer quality standards with knowledge and professionalism.

The locksmith professionals at Automotive Key service Hamilton County and the Greater Cincinnati area to get your car keys and fobs replaced, programmed and/or cloned in a professional manner as well as servicing ignitions and computer modules. You can expect the highest automotive locksmith professionalism and know that we stand fully behind our service. Expertise matters when need to get your Lexus key, remote or ignition repaired or replaced.

We can perform the following services on all Lexus models:

  • Key fob reprogramming
  • Extra key production
  • Key fob or key duplication
  • Transponder duplication & repair
  • Key cutting services
  • Ignition diagnosis 
  • Ignition repair
  • Mobile locksmithing
  • Computer module diagnosis
  • Computer module repair
  • Cut keys by VIN or code
  • Duplicate keys
  • ECU diagnosis and repair
  • Replacement car keys

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